Are you licensed?

The technicians at our family-owned and -operated company are trained, licensed and certified to perform pest control services safely and effectively. Our owner can draw on more than 20 years of experience to evaluate every situation and come up with the best course of action.

What kind of pests do you get rid of?

Bug control, targeting roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, spiders and bees
Rodent control, to get rid of mice and rats
Mosquito control
Termite Control

We'll evaluate your situation and develop a plan of action that's best for you. Call us today at 972-987-4950 to schedule a service call.

Do you offer any continuous treatment plans?

Yes! Keep pests away for good by choosing one of our monthly or quarterly treatment plans. Our quarterly plans include treating the interior and exterior of your home, along with a whole-home inspection. If you prefer, we can just treat your home once for pest problems that pop up every now and then.

What kind of bugs do you exterminate?

Black, fire and carpenter ants
Fleas and ticks
Wasps and ground bees
and more!

What are some signs that I have rodents in my home?

If you find holes in your cereal boxes, you could be dealing with rodents. Here are some other signs that you may be living with rats or mice:
Gnaw marks
Scurrying or scratching sounds

What does the mosquito extermination process look like?

We'll start by fogging the area to kill the mosquitoes already present. Then we'll treat around your foliage, house, landscaping and mulched areas to keep breeding mosquitoes away. In addition to fogging, we are adding In2Care Mosquito trap systems to eliminate mosquitoes in your yard. The In2Care Mosquito Trap is a revolutionary tool that uses a biological control agent to kill mosquitoes. The unique trap uses green alternatives to insecticides to draw in mosquitoes which are close to laying eggs. Once contaminated with the biological control agent, the mosquito transports the larvicide to surrounding breeding sites which kills the larvae in hard to find breeding sources. The infected mosquito will then die within a few days. Reach out to us today to get started.