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Get That Wasp's Nest to Buzz Off

We're the experts in bee control in Frisco, Plano and Lewisville, Texas

A beehive or wasp nest in your home can mean painful stings and large swarms if the problem isn't handled quickly. Let the pros at Pest Solutions of North Texas keep your family safe with our bee control services in Frisco, TX and surrounding areas. We'll make sure to contain the bees before removing the nest so that you don't have stary bees flying around your home.

Keeping hives out of your home

Keeping hives out of your home

Our team has handled bee control in Frisco and North Texas for 18+ years, and we have your home and the safety of your family in mind. Our services can help you safely remove...

  • Beehives and wasp nests
  • Ground bee infestations
  • Dirt dauber populations
You can call us back for a free return visit and further treatment after our first service by signing up for our quarterly bee control plan. Take the first step in removing your bee infestation and call us now.