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Take Control of Your Ant Infestation Today

We're the experts in ant control in Frisco, Plano and Lewisville, Texas

Ant invasions are a nightmare for homeowners. They carry grime and disease into your home, and if you see them in your kitchen, chances are they've got hundreds of friends waiting to raid your food supplies. The team at Pest Solutions of North Texas provides ant control services to kick out your unwanted guests .

You can turn to us for help with ant control in and around your Frisco, TX area home. Get in touch with us today to quickly and easily stop your ant infestation.

How we get rid of ants

How we get rid of ants

Our ant removal process is included in your quarterly plan and promises gets rid of ant infestations in no time. We make sure to...

  • Power spray your home's perimeter to keep ants out
  • Treat ant beds in the yard to kill the invasion at its sources
  • Layer granules on your lawn to prevent repeat invasions
You can also schedule ant control service in Frisco, TX as a one-time or monthly visit. Get help from one of our pest control specialists by calling 972-987-4950 today.

Are ants really a big deal?

Having ants in your house is certainly annoying, but is it worth calling your local pest control service? We offer ant control treatments throughout Frisco, Plano and Lewisville, Texas, because ignoring an infestation can lead to:

  • Bites: Your home can turn into a scene from a horror film when you wake up to ants in your bed or on your face.
  • Allergic reactions: Some people are allergic to the venom ants release when they sting or bite.
  • Illness: DIY methods of ant control, like insecticide sprays, can lead to headaches and feelings of sickness.

Trust a professional pest control service to rid your home of ants safely. We help residents of Frisco, Plano and Lewisville, TX.